The secret is revealed…

…and you are just one step away from discovering a painless and long-lasting hair removal method – CLEOPATRA Sugar Paste for Oriental Epilation.

For over 2000 years only the chosen ones knew the secret of Cleopatra’s cherished looks, and now it’s your turn.

Sugar Paste epilation, also known as Oriental Epilation, has changed beauty habits of women all around the world.

The ideal mixture of sugar and herbal ingredients has enabled CLEOPATRA Sugar Paste to win the world’s most prestigious awards and certificates.

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Why is CLEOPATRA Sugar Paste special?

CLEOPATRA Sugar Paste, unlike waxing, does not destroy the protective layer of the skin, but gently exfoliates and smooths the skin’s surface with its tiny sugar granules.

A unique composition and cold usage method is ideal for people with sensitive skin, varicose veins, broken capillaries and for those who have experienced burns and other side effects.

In addition, due to its medicinal herbal ingredients, it reduces the pain during epilation and soothes inflammatory processes and redness of the skin.

The application technique of CLEOPATRA Sugar Paste enables the removal of 2 mm long body hairs. Applying the Sugar Paste in the opposite direction of hair growth and removing it in the direction of their growth is a long-lasting epilation technique that prevents ingrown hairs, inflammation and redness.

With frequent usage of CLEOPATRA Sugar Paste, the roots are slowly weakened, body hairs are significantly reduced and throughout the following 4 weeks you can proudly show your silky smooth and soft skin…