Winter Pastes - 120g, 700g


SOFT – EPIL Sugar Paste is used during cold winter temperatures. Due to its softness and solubility, it is easily applied to the skin and maximally covers the root of the hair. It removes hairs from the roots, which prolongs the long-lasting feeling of smoothness without irritation, redness, inflammation and ingrowth.

It is suitable for all skin types and all body parts

The CLEOPATRA Sugar Paste product line is a specially formulated classic recipe combined with modern technology that launches new trends and creates a new generation of Sugar Pastes for Oriental Epilation.

The herbal ingredients of calendula and aloe vera are ideal for the care and regeneration of dry and damaged skin as it strengthens its immunity, removes dead skin cells and removes impurities from the pores, thereby enhancing skin oxygenation and restoration of collagen. After hair removal, the skin is refreshed, visibly rejuvenated and improved in tone.

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Method of usage


Put the Sugar Paste on top of the spatula and use it to rub and remove the paste from the body. Since the paste will not stick to the hands, Cleopatra’s epilation with a spatula is great for beginners, for people who suffer from increased sweating of the hands, and for women who have longer nails.


  • Gold Medal for Innovation in the field of Cosmetics and Medicine – Geneva 2011
  • Special Award from the Russian Federation


  • ECOCERT CERTIFICATE (100% natural and 95% organic product)
  • HALAL CERTIFICATE (products do not contain chemicals, adhesives, artificial colours, fragrances and alcohol)
  • CRUELTY FREE CERTIFICATE (Not tested on animals)

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