GDPR – Privacy Statement

Protecting your privacy is extremely important to us. The following is a privacy statement that explains what information we collect and how we use it as you access the content of our sites.

Privacy Policy:

  • When reviewing the content on our web sites, we do not collect personal information, or any data associated with the specific device you use when you access our site as an unregistered user.
  • We do not collect your identity information when you download any documentation from our web site.
  • We only collect basic statistics on portal visits without providing any personal information, we do not track user movements.
  • We are not affiliated with third parties or web services, we do not sell, modify or otherwise transfer to third parties your personal information or data related to the use of our sites or our services.
  • In case we need your information for identification and contact, we will request and use it solely with your consent, and we can keep a record of it. We will use the information we collect only for the purpose of obtaining and recording communication with you, unless the collection of information is required by law.
  • Our products do not contain hidden links to other websites except our company official site, unless it is content that is strictly necessary to fulfill the contractual obligations.
  • At your request, we delete all information we have about you in accordance with the GDPR policy. You can send us a request for deletion via the contact form.
  • At your request, we provide you with all the information we have about you in accordance with the GDPR policy. You can send us your request via the contact form.

We reserve the right to amend this privacy statement if necessary. We recommend that you periodically review the contents of this privacy statement. If you have additional questions about privacy when using our products, please contact us through the contact form.